Hello there! My name is Kam, I am 25 years old, and I am the owner of Spoiled Bear Shop. Contrary to the title of this page, there is no "us", haha! This is a one-woman, black-owned small business, based out of California, and I do my best to provide you with beautifully embroidered hoodies and crewnecks! I started this business in February 2021 with the intention of turning my favorite cartoon & anime characters into wearable art! I am grateful for the support of all my customers who have allowed me to turn a fun hobby into a full-time business! Thank you so much and I appreciate your support! If you need help with literally anything, message me on instagram @spoiledbearshop and I'll get back to ya right away! :D Or you can email me at spoiledbear.help@gmail - thanks again!! :)